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Welcome to Faculty Loading Online v3.0

Faculty Loading and assignment of non-teaching activities.

The data gathered in this system is used in the faculty (my.Sked, my.Advisee, my.E-Class, my.Evaluation) and in the student (my.Class, my.E-Class) versions of the my.DLSUD Portal . Moreover, the faculty loading data is used in the preparation of the Major Examination Schedules and in processing the data for the Student Evaluation to Faculty Members.

Aside from the systems mentioned above, insufficient faculty loading data may result to inconsistent data in the following information systems: 

@ Student Information System 
       @ Online Grades Submission
       @ My.DLSUD Portal

For inquiries on the use of this system, please call the Information Systems (IS) Unit of ICTC at
local 3231.

For incomplete faculty list, please call Ms. Melody Tadena of HRMO Faculty Services (local 3024).

For changes in class schedules and room assignmFLO (Faculty Loading Online) v3.0 is a web-based application that allows  assignment of subject loads and scheduling of non-teaching activities of all faculty members of DLSU-D. The system is patterned after the Insitutional Policies on ents, please call Ms. Annaliza Alvaran of the Office of the University Registrar (local 3117).